Wish you were here – oh, you are … the rise of the multi-generation family holiday

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Do we love our parents and grandparents enough to go on holiday with them? It seems that we do, and that the multi-generational vacation is alive and well, according to research from Age UK.

We are seeing the rise of the “multi-generation” holiday in the UK and Ireland, which the team here at Plan My Family Holiday thinks is a welcome development. This big-family holiday is beginning to mirror holiday behaviour in other countries. For example, it’s trendy in the Netherlands for Grandparents to travel with their kids on holidays.

In the UK, far from shunning the traditional family holiday, holidaymakers are embracing the classic family summer getaway and different generations of the same family are holidaying together more than ever.

Research commissioned by Age UK shows that more than half of UK adults (52%) have been away, or were planning to go away, with two or more different generations of their family this year.

Whether this is a function of the ageing demographic in both the UK and Ireland – with the need to provide care at home for elderly relatives – is moot. It might be a factor and we think that this demographic driver will have a significant effect on holiday planning over the next five years.

For now, just under half (47%) of adults will take a holiday with their parents, and one in ten of those spend their holidays with eight or more members of their family – with family groups of six being the average.

Would you take a holiday with your parents and grandparents? We’d really love to know your views on this and you can share your ideas with the Plan My Family Holiday community here Join In

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